Mamilla Hotel - The Leading Hotels of the World
11 King Solomon Street, Jerusalem, 94182, Israel

Stay at the Mamilla Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem and you will be taking up residence in one of the most prized buildings of the city. This is reflected in the entire guest experience that you will enjoy whilst staying here. From this Italian-designed luxury hotel you can take in the astounding views of the Old City walls, Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David before visiting the nearby shopping centres. Once you are done sightseeing and shopping you can unwind with a little entertainment at the Alrov Mamilla Avenue.

The Rooms

In the bedrooms the contemporary and the traditional rub shoulders. The simplicity of more modern design easily accommodates the quality and beauty of more original pieces that make the most of the exquisite Jerusalem materials. Colours, light and fabric all combine to make living spaces that offer modernity with a twist of traditional Jerusalem, shot through with a relaxed vibe.


Head to the Mirror Bar for a touch of relaxed glamour and a friendly ambience before heading for the rooftop restaurant. Making the most of the Jerusalem weather, the rooftop outdoor lounge and restaurant is open all year round and is at the ready to offer guests incredibly high quality cuisine for which it is known. Take a seat and sink in the views of the Old City as the breeze keeps you cool. Look down at your menu and you will find a range of meals to meet even the most varied tastes.

Fancy trying a Kosher wine? Well this five star hotel offers a great selection of vintage bottles in its Winery! Bedecked with robust antique wooden counters set amidst a modern 300 bottle wine rack, the Winery is a tribute to the wine (and olive oil) producing history of the Holy Land.


Beginning with incomparable service the Mamilla hotel continues by boasting unbeatable facilities which is what made it a perfect candidate to be included in our ‘Best Hotels in the World’. Is offers an excellent holistic wellbeing centre with various classes (Yoga, Meditation and Pilates), a luxury spa enhanced with restorative music, aroma and lighting, a cutting-edge gym and a health bar serving organic food and drinks.